Nov 17, 2011

Another new post on Our Days Are Just Filled.  Just FYI.  It delves just a bit into the question of whether we are right to teach our kids about animals and places by letting them change them, or would it be better to encourage a 'look and don't touch'/ leave no trace/ take only pictures, leave only footprints sort of environmental ethic?

If you know much about kids and/or learning and/or education, you probably already know the answer.

Perhaps another time I'll write a blog post about why nature appealed to me as a child, and continues to.  I'm sure it's not much different than the reasons for most others.

Anyway, give it a read.  It's pretty short and worth your time, IMHO....

listen to me with the internet acronyms.  Sheesh.  How 'bout some pictures?

Board to the head!  Of course, this is just an accident of angle.  He's miles away from that post.

Some kid watching bike race.

Love this bike.  Pure coincidence that it matches the water in the next shot.

Just love the color of the pool and the distortion of the glass.  I've always loved these glass bricks.

'Yeah, I'm workin' on my Camaro, it's coming along...'

Just a pretty image.

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