Dec 3, 2011

Welcome To Crazy Month!

Merry, um, December!  We are going to get a tree today.  Early?  Yes.  Want to know why?  Because my daughter has discovered the ornaments and if we don't get a tree to put them on, she may destroy them, inluding the 80 year old angel she's already chipped.

Is it more important than Lucy?  No.  But do I want her destroying what's essentially a family artifact for no reason?  No I do not.

And today there are Xmas festivusities going on in downtown Danvers.  Free cookies, I believe this means.  And if I'm reading correctly, there are free 10 minute shoulder massages.  Which ties into the other thing I'm trying to do today:  ride the other half of the Danvers Bike Path, which you can read a bit about in another blog entry.

What could be more perfect than that?  A ride through the woods alone, meet the family for free cookies, and have a free massage.  Nothing, if it works out that way.  Somebody make me a massage appointment!

Playing:  "American Idiot" Green Day

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