Dec 15, 2011

RKW Weekly- 12/16/11

Here at Rob Kristoff Writing, I know that nobody wants to see the same stuff in their inbox day-after-day.  In the interest of keeping my writing updates more predictable and not annoying, I'm going to start letting you know only weekly where things have been published.  (Haven't decided about Twitter/Facebook- may just update those continuously).

New on the playground blog
As I think most of you know, I write the blog for the committee to get Lucy's school a new playground.  I try to keep it light and fun, but I honestly can't say whether it would be of general interest.  Give it a try why don'cha?

Book Reviews
Not sure if I mentioned this in written form, but I got my first ever book in the mail to review.  Happily, it was one I really wanted.  You may have heard of Last Child In The Woods, which came out a few years ago, by Richard Louv.  He has a newer book out now on the same topic.  I plan a longer review later.  Anyway, that and the second book I received (Also good- the mad scientist one) are my part of this post.  The rest is by Matt.

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