Jan 2, 2012

The Pink Thing, Again.

Thanks for the seed of this idea to www.lovelybike.blogspot.com for the new seed for this entry.

I've written before about the charged color of pink. And now this, from a woman's point of view.

She also mentions Elly Blue, a fairly well-known blogger, and her post about reclaiming the color pink.

Now, women have valid points about the way companies, both car, bike, and otherwise, market to women
The shorthand phrase is "shrink it and pink it".  That is, if you want a womens' product, make it smaller than the man's version, and color it pink.  Often, that's all the thought that goes into it (hint:  If a man is designing it, that's the first clue that this might happen).  This all might be fine if the function and quality were up there.  But often the pinking is only skin deep- and serious female cyclists are not impressed, as you might imagine.

What does pink mean to you?

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