Feb 26, 2012

February Vacation Adventures

Well, my daughter and I had a whole week of adventures together since Mom has started working at Kindercare.  I think if it was up to her, she might've stayed on our laptop all week long, but thankfully I managed to tear us both away long enough to get into the woods just a bit.  Here's some snapshots.

Note the ice halfway out into the water.  By the time we walked here at the end of the week (this was taken on Sunday) the ice was nearly gone.  In this shot, we are enjoying the sound the rocks made when they would hit the ice and bounce.  Something akin to whale songs.

All week the weather was unbelievably good (except for the rain on Friday).  Here wife and daughter are walking ahead of me up the hill near Walden Pond (yes, that IS its name) at Lynn Woods.

On Wednesday, we went for a bike ride.  I didn't have a camera with me, but suffice to say (Oh, and this is a photo of my little campfire on one of the Salem Harbor islands.) that we had a great time on the Danvers rail trail.  Though it did result in a front flat and a broken rear spoke (guess my SS isn't used to pulling an extra bike + a child).  Also we had an issue with a bolt that would NOT stay tight.  Beeswax perhaps?   Loctite?

Thursday we hit Lynn Woods again, this time to take on her favorite Blue Dot trail backwards, followed by a little lakeside walk.  I'd never skipped the hill and walked next to the lake before, but my daughter "convinced" (ie:  badgered) me to do other wise.  Here's a few pictures from that journey.

an attempt at artsiness
what it looked like while laying on a rock resting
mysterious stairs
the aforementioned blue "dot"
Another rest...

Another attempt

Strange fruit growing on these trees...

A few times throughout the week, we went to Winter Island and fed the seagulls.  Saturday was WINDY to the extreme.  Sunday less so, but cold.  

So here we are, at the end of vacation, looking at returning to the day-to-day.  Thank goodness it's a nice day today.  

Hoping you've all had a fun time of great adventures this week, too!

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