Mar 1, 2012

Junk Drawer

You could tell a lot about someone by looking through their junk drawer.  You know, that one drawer everyone has that just becomes a catch-all for anything small, anything miscellaneous, anything that needs to go somewhere but doesn't really go anywhere because there's only one of them.

Well, here's some photos that I've felt the need to save, for one reason and another, but they're clogging up my computer and slowing it down.  So I'll show them to you, as a way of saving them.  I'll try to credit them to the appropriate parties.

Took this one myself, with my cellphone.  The little crown/shadow above the rainbow is odd.

A Gaulzetti from Embrocation Mag's web site

I just love Vernor's B&W pics.  Curtis Inglis of Retrotec/Inglis

Photo:  Brian Vernor

"Wall from the Dallas Bicycle Cafe, near White Rock Lake" by J. Gregory Shugart

Brian Vernor Photo.  Just love this image so much.

Lucy took this.  That's Pedal Power bike shop in Acton, MA.  Just being goofy.

Just pretty.  From Rivendell.

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