Apr 18, 2012

Brand New Newness: The Big Surprise

It's time to reveal the project I've been working on all year. 

It is called Boston Literary Sites, and seeks to be an exhaustive interactive encyclopedia of every spot of literary importance in Boston.  Which I would argue is the most important literary city in the United States, with the possible exception of NYC.

It's available through Sutro Media, on two platforms:  Apple and Android.

For an Android phone, you can buy it through Google Play right here.  Click the little blue button!

For an iPhone or iPod Touch, there's one extra step.  For businessy reasons I don't understand, my publisher has a free App called SutroWorld that contains all of our apps.  Once you've downloaded that onto your phone/iPod, you can buy Boston Literary Sites from there.

It's $2.99 for either platform, and that comes with free updates for life.  It's like a guidebook that automatically adds pages.  Pretty good value when you consider you can't even buy a magazine for that these days.  And a gallon of gas?  Forget about it.

What's that you say?  You don't live in Boston or plan on visiting?  I would maintain that it's still worth the money if you care about books, because it puts these places in context so that you understand who interacted with who and where (that may be grammatically wrong) in Eastern MA.  As I said before, it's an incredibly important place in literature.  More important than I realized when I proposed this project.

So, I hope you like it.  Thanks for reading this far.

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