May 31, 2012

Pics & Clicks

The woods at Peabody High School, last winter.  Photo by me.
The apple trees of Brooksby Farm during the winter.  Photo is mine.
See, even bears can jump.  Photo by Kathy Kristoff.  Wingaersheek Beach.

Cliffs of Maher.  Ireland.  Photo by lovely bicycle

Green amongst the winter.  Brooksby Farm woods.  My photo.
At the bottom of the river in Salem.  How did it get there and why?  Where is the front wheel?  My photo.
Why is wear and tear so beautiful to some of us?  Texture?  Beauty through usage (beausage)?

  •  Check it out.  It's bikes, but only sorta.  And elsewhere on the site you can find pictures of their adorable baby.  Natalie Ramsland is one of the very few female makers of custom bicycles.
  •  I don't quite understand these cameras.  But I would still love one.  I guess it's the simple tool-like style I like more than anything.
  •  I read this and I was sad.  Then I looked at the date.  Last June?!  Well, that explains why I've been having a hard time finding the magazine:  they stopped making it!  R.I.P. Readymade- you were a great, inspiring, outside-the-box DIY magazine, and you deserved to go on forever.  It's really too bad you couldn't have held on just a little longer, because I really believe the culture is changing in your direction.  Which you helped along- so sad you're not here to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  But of course all of those which gave it its soul are still around.

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