May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Beach Adventures (and owls)

The Pretender, The Wife, and I spent a great weekend doing various things, but some of the highlights were our trips to Nahant Beach.  The Wife used to go there a lot when she was younger, and so was quite pleased when The Pretender and I visited a few months ago and reported that it seemed very safe and nice.  We went on both Sunday and Monday.  Now, unlike some of the other beaches we go to, this one is much longer.  In fact it reaches along the whole of the Nahant causeway.  After that it simply meets up with Lynn Beach along Lynn Shore Drive.  Or perhaps it's still Nahant Beach.  I don't even know.

The water was warm!  I hope because the shallowness allows it to warm up versus, say, creepy pollution.  I would venture it's the former, since Nahant is a rather high-priced neighborhood, so I'm guessing there's no big polluters close-by.

What there are is little polluters.  Lots of wrappers and less-nice things floating in the waves.  Perhaps "lots" is a bit of an overstatement, as it's not overwhelming... but still- such a wonderfully beautiful spot:  what on earth would lead you to simply throw your water bottle into the surf?  I just don't understand litter.

We parked near the bathhouse.  Now, I know what Lynn is supposed to be like.  I know the reputation of Salem.  This place can't be all that clean.  But it sure seemed like it to me.  There must be lots of germs, but with plenty of sand on the floor and sea breeze blowing right in the vents on the front of the building, it sure was a lot nicer than either a port-a-potty (Singing Beach) or the bathrooms at Wingaersheek (and good luck finding those open when the parking is free).

All told, what it makes for is the perfect walking beach.  Even 20 feet out the surf is only shin-deep, the waves are regular and not very high, and the beach goes on for miles.

Add in the Screech Owls we saw at our friends' house on Sunday night, and the Blue Moon I had waiting for me both nights, and it was a nearly perfect weekend.

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