Jun 19, 2012

Dave Nice- From Mexico To Canada

Friend and supporter of this blog- and my writing- Mr. "Fixie" Dave Nice set off mid-morning on June 2nd from New Mexico to head north to the Canadian Border.  He's riding what they call the Great Divide Route or the "Tour Divide", but riding south to north rather than the usual Canada -> Mexico trip.

I am well aware that some readers are bored to death with this bike stuff, and that's perfectly fair- but forget the bike and simply try to imagine the breadth and depth of this undertaking.  Border-to-border under your own power.  And there is no following car like in the Tour De France.  Riders don't generally sleep in hotels like the TDF, either.  Occasionally, they will, but mostly, they camp.

Adding an additional layer to the story is the fact that Dave was fully prepared for this last spring (to the point of travelling to New Mexico) when Greyhound lost his bike.  He waited almost two weeks before he finally did get his bike back, but by then he was so mentally exhausted he gave up and went home.

I wish Dave the best of luck and prayers for protection (bears!)

Here is the link if you'd like to check in on his progress (He's carrying a SPOT tracking device like the other racers).

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