Aug 27, 2012

The Full Monty: Lance In France

Here it is.  The whole list.  Not everyone ever on USPS Cycling Team, but every rider who joined Lance in "his" race in the 7 years he won it.

If, in fact, Mr. Armstrong did performance enhancing drugs, an intellegent adult would assume that the people on the team might've known about it.   Furthermore, in a team sport like cycling, if Lance would do anything to win, a safe assumption might be that those around him would cheat as well- perhaps under pressure from "the boss".

As I've said in the smaller posts (now absorbed into this one post)- I have no axe to grind here.  I don't get "good vibes" from Lance's personality, but I don't particularly care if he's guilty or not.

I will say that I don't think USADA has any ability to "take away" his TdF titles- that would require the UCI (the worldwide cyclists' union) or the ASO (the owners of the Tour).  The USA making our own "declaration" is typical of us- but that doesn't represent the whole world.

Still, with this all over the news, I want to put out there some semi-substantiated facts.  Hence this list.

There are more innocent riders than convicted riders.  But not by a landslide.

USPS/Discovery @ The TDF:  1999-2005

Frankie Andreu - Admits using EPO.

Pascal Derame 

Tyler Hamilton - Admits using EPO, failed blood doping test.  Stripped of Olympic gold medal.

George Hincapie - Admits using EPO to USADA.

Kevin Livingston - named in Michele Ferrari documents.  Otherwise, nothing.

Peter Meinert Nielsen - tested positive for doping in 1993

Christian Vande Velde- Told WADA he did EPO.

Jonathan Vaughters - Admits doping: NYT editorial story in 2012.

Viatcheslav Ekimov 

Benoit Joachim - positive for Nandralone in 2000.

Cedric Vasseur - arrested with other Cofidis riders in 2004.  (including Millar who admits EPO)

Roberto Heras - Positive for EPO in 2005 Tour of Spain.

Steffen Kjaergaard- admitted to EPO in October 2012.

Victor Hugo Pena 

Jose Luis Rubiera- Landis claims he took blood transfusions in 2004 TDF.

Floyd Landis - admits doping, banned in 2006.

Pavel Padrnos - arrested in the 2001 San Remo doping raids for illegal diuretic.

Manuel Beltran - Caught for epo in 2008

Jose Azevedo

Benjamin Noval

Yaroslav Popovych- In 2010, his house was investigated by police, but no conclusive evidence.

Paolo Savoldelli

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