Sep 30, 2012

Cyclocross In Gloucester

Why Lincoln? Ask the mechasnic.
The tire everyone lusts after:  Dugast tubulars.  handmade.

The elusive UCI "does the tire fit regulations" meter.

Checkered Vans slip-ons.  Timeless.

Circle-A cross bike.  Note the pink cable internally routed to the back brakes.

Mo Bruno Roy.  Possibly preparing to beat me up.

Lots of rain.  Mostly stopped for Day 2's Elites, though.

I like the smile amidst the slide.

Mary McConelloug prepares for the stairs.  Note the yellow shoes which match the trucks, tents, etc. of  Mavic pictured elsewhere.

Look at her left foot digging in!  Love this one.

I was aiming at wheels, but this shot is pure miracle.

Mary, in one of those racing moments that feels so alone (she wasn't really- someone about 1 sec. behind)

Focus on the ocean... oh, and a bike race.

I just like the spokes in the wheels in this picture.  That's why it's here.
Bruno Roy again.  Foot beginning to come off for the stairs.  Love the blue against the sand.

The Van Dessel bus.  Company is looking for $ backers- wanna own part of it?

Lion of Flanders... I think.

The Nat'l Champ's cantilever-braked race bike, inside top-secret pit tent.  There's also a  disc-brake version.

...close-up of the special USA Champ red/blue stripes (all the others are team colors)

Jeremy Powers.  The aforementioned National Champion.

See that guy with the red bike and the white stripe that says "Richard Sachs"?  That's Richard Sachs.   The framebuilder. Some say the best in the US. Maybe the world.

Belgian Ben Berden, heading straight for me.  He didn't miss by much, and I was NOT  hanging over the  edge of the course. "to die by your  [handlebars], well, the privilege, the pleasure is mine.".

Rapha pit crew gets busy with the pressure washer while one group heads to the right, and the other  heads left.  Good example of how confusing things get once the group spreads out.

Wish it was in perfect focus, but it does capture the speed involved.

Classy Focus waiting for MacDonald or Jones.

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