Sep 7, 2012

melancholy love poem: 1995

Annual Melancholy [       ] Poem
5 August, 1995 
{plus a few edits}

I remember we thought that love was here to stay
And in a lot of ways, still shocked it's gone away 
There were candlelight dinners, and tables reserved for two.
There's a woman somewhere for me? I'm surprised- 'cause she's not you. 

But thanks for your time, and thanks for the memories.
Guess we'll move on now, "take care", "keep in touch".
And love and protect West Pennsylvania.
Was learning to like it, but now- not so much

[I've gone very far away
And I'm afraid I'm here to stay
For forever.]

We talked about weddings and houses of children
 but I think that the children might have been us. 
I wanted a family;  you wanted your freedom.
I regret to inform you, I guess you were right.

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