Sep 26, 2012

Our Day of Purity: An Oceanic Adventure

The hike in.  She kept saying:  is this a trick?  there's no beach here.

My initials carved on a tree- and NOT by me.  Some bunny  loves me.
Weird algae/fungus.  And what made those cuts in the log to the right?

Even weirder- downright disgusting.  Looks like a spider, but it's just fungus.

Guess what?!  There IS an ocean there.

The Pretender, on the rocks.  

We ate our lunch in the smaller crack, to the right.  Too slippery to get to the  big one.

Pretender in a crack.

How did they fall halfway before the big rocks moved?  Or how  did they get down that far, if the big rocks didn't?

Ominous sky.

We got the butterfly in the next shot to take this picture for us.

You wouldn't guess she could hold the camera so still...

Her version of the day.

What was beneath us as we ate our lunch.

Each time the waves came in, the rocks dripped like this.

Like I said, it was a little treacherous next to the water.

Tiny cave the kid noticed.

Beach plums?  Rose hips?  Anyone know?

Stuck in construction traffic on the way home.

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