Dec 13, 2012

Nobody's Cold, Nobody's Warm

Here's just one more picture from my Lambec post a few weeks ago.  This was the recreation hall, where many a lazy hour of my childhood was spent.  There used to be two big pine trees at the near edge of that concrete "porch", and a drop off that was  (I remember as being) much larger.  I remember jumping off the end of the "porch", and going in between the trees.  It could very well be the seed of mountain biking for me. It was green all the years I remember.  It was torn down because Lake Erie's erosion of the sand cliff it stood on was making it a dangerous place to be, I guess.

I didn't even realize this was a video, but I guess we'll see, won't we?  This is from a trip I took to a random island in Salem Harbor.

With Xmas coming up, CBD is busy busy, and home life is kind of busy, as well.  Look for some new writing soon, but I wanted to get something new up here, just so you know I haven't forgotten.

I read somewhere that blogs are no longer the "it" thing they once were.  Facebook has apparently overtaken them.  Sorry to hear that.  Still, we'll carry on.

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