May 12, 2013

100 years of climbing and looking for treasure...

See, the thing about writing meaningful   blog entries is that then you expect yourself (and imagine others expecting it FROM you) to come up with something equally deep the next time.

Well, give up that hope.  But in the midst of my cleaning (it's what my wife wanted for mother's day) I will take this moment to share that my cat is playing with the broom and generally getting in the way (I knew we should have just gotten a dog).

To share that I'm driving to West Acton MA to see my Mom today.  With my daughter. 

To share that I'm reading 100 year of Solitude right now.  GG Marquez.  Odd book, but good
Kathy's friend Lisa just sent her Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  It's about hiking the PCT.  I'll prob. read that next.

I've recently started listening to Band of Horses, and while I don't love everything about them and worship every song (come to think of it, I don't really do that with anyone these days), it sets me to thinking about all the things that lay undiscovered out there.  Oh, I love some of their songs.  Meant to say that.

Anyway, this is why I get library paralysis.  I KNOW there are books out there like Lonesome Dove and Pillars of the Earth- just stone cold classics, that I am not aware of.  And I want each book I read to be that good.  So when I find books that are just so/so, I always want more.  And that's me in a nutshell- never satisfied.

So so leads me to another short report.  In the last week I have spoken to TWO different customers in french.  En Francais!  Sure, I was only muttering "Hello, how are you?  Do you speak English?" but you go right ahead make a cold-call to someone in Quebec, and see how much French you remember!  :)  Then see how proud you are of yourself when you eventually can converse- no matter how short the sentences.  Yeah- that's how I'm feeling.  Multilingual, baby!

Rode the whole way to the top of the Metal Tower climb at Lynn Woods last Wednesday.  Maybe not a major achievement for myself 10 years ago, but it was pretty tough this time, and last time I rode up there I walked 3/4 of the way, so...  I'll tell ya, though- when I reached the top the whole top half of my body felt like it had been pierced by needles!  I was like, "really?  You're going to start sweating NOW?  Could've used that about 5 mins. ago!".

On those rides I always think of brilliant things I want to write on here.  But of course, they're gone now.

Too busy.  Too busy.  I should carry a notebook.

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