Oct 7, 2013

Updated Photo Gallery

I have been paid money to take pictures.  Even within the last decade.  So I suppose that makes me a professional photographer, eh?  Also, I won that hat the year before last.  From the UK, nonetheless.  So I'm internationally recognized for my photography.

Enough of that nonsense.  Here's some pictures I took at last week's GP Gloucester.  I havt  so many more photos, but I just cannot bear to work with this computer loading photos one moment longer.

This is Nicole Duke.  She used to race DH mountain bikes back in the day.

I like the 'what is a woman?' angle here.
the bar is there to emphasize the fact that this is the first Richard Sachs bike in a long time to not be painted red. 
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Great color combination.  Sugarcoat.
Nice bus.  Van Dessel is a bike co.
I couldn't resist this little burst of color.
I fantasize about living in one of these and taking my kid to all the nat'l parks.
I love the "crash" aspect here.  And the racers still in the scene.
Up the stairs into the light.
Ben Berden, from Belgium.  Think he took his 'colourway' from this page.

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