Sep 19, 2014


I see that I've had thirty pageviews today.

Are you all expecting something.

Cause I don't know about it if you are.

Do I have something published somewhere unbeknownst to me?

Well, here's a short update for you.

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary, so happy anniversary and thank you to my wife, and congratulations to us both. 

I also got a big ol' back tooth pulled yesterday, that was causing me much grief in the jaw region.  You can check out my xrays on Instagram if you'd like, but leave it  thiat this:  I was driven to distraction, laying on the floor holding my head and moaning.  Infection.  Nerves.

So now I'm one tooth lighter, which is okay, because I had the tooth below it pulled a few years back, and I guess they only work well in pairs.  But this is where I draw the line.  No more tooth loss!
So, floss and brush out there, folks (I do both, but I guess not enough.)

Been reading The Road.  If you haven't you should..

And now how about some pictures, ok?  Ok.

This photo is owned by Walnut Studiolo, who make all the leather stuff you
see here.  Check them out on Etsy & Google and buy their stuff.

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