Nov 8, 2014

Do It Once, Do It Best

On Monday, I start a new job.  A new career, perhaps.  Finally, I feel like my job, my work, will match what I feel my calling is, my true self's direction is:  To sculpt and craft words like some of my inspirations do with steel or titanium tubes.

I will try to live this creed from now on:  Get as few things as possible, strip away what's unneccesary, and when you acquire something, get the best I can.

When I do some work, I will try to make it the best it can be.  I already know there's proofreaders and editors.  I will not be precious about what I "make".  But I will strive to make the best and "charge" accordingly.

I've told you before about RBW, but now I have access to a scanner, so here's the cover of their newest catalog, which touches me artistically and as a writer on so many levels, and very few of them are the cyclist part of me.

If you'd like a copy of this catalog yourself, email and tell him this blog/me sent you:  or just go to

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