Jun 27, 2015

baby bird, tuck's a comin'--- and he's comin' on strong...

Was sitting on the porch tonight reading a book, when I saw what I thought was a frog.

In fact, it was a fledgling robin.  Picked him up to show Lucy- who looked it up and no, their parents will not abandon them if you touch them- and boy was he mad.  Fortunately for me, he was a baby bird and as such, could not really express his anger in any meaningful way.

we tried putting him in the small tree out front to keep him up and away from cats.  He jumped out and hopped toward the road. 
I'm not a bird. Try again!

So that was out.

In the end, he went down into the swamp (wetland?) behind the house.  Can't imagine that was a good choice, but I think we'd already messed with nature enough.  Also, poison ivy.

Pictures later.


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  2. I don't think I or the baby bird will be going to the UK.... but thank you for your comment.