Mar 22, 2016

Take these broken wings...

So I had a tiny bit of hope that Surly might warranty my broken frame, but it's not really a surprise that they won't. I mean, it's 12 years old, and I'm the second owner!
But the owner of ourlocal shop---Jamie at Western Cycle---thought it might be worth a try.
I had stopped by their spring cleaning sale over the weekend looking for frames.
And honestly, for all that $500 frame gave me, it was a good deal.  Especially considering I got it secondhand.
Us, in better times. Well, IT really.
One of the worst days of riding I had in all of 2015. I should say "walking," since that's pretty much all I did. I came in dead last in the race. But at least I finished!
I believe this was Willowdale. Mud is always better in retrospect.
Landlocked Forest.

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