Apr 24, 2016

Housekeeping Details

If you think about this blog at all, I know you're wondering why it's been seemingly forever since I posted much of any substance at all on it. 

And there's an easy answer---work. As of November of 2014, I work writing catalog copy for CBD. Christian Book Distributors. I read the info from publishers, and write "buy it now!" ads for each item.  Like this:

An action you must take to change your life! This product will make there's  change in your life you most want! Here are its special features: helpful things * spiritual things * Measures this much x this much x this much * ___ pages, from a publisher.

I love the work and working with an editor has undoubtedly improved my writing in a certain way. But I don't so much feel like writing blog posts as soon as I get home.

Incidentally, there're only 4 catalog writers, so if by some (strange) chance, you'd like to read this stuff, get any CBD catalog and there's a 1/4 chance any ad is mine. I'd say you're better off calling the people I used to work with in the call center, but you'd probably rather use the website an request one. It's just that those operators get so few normal, friendly calls (or at least it feels like it) that they sure would like to talk to you.

But just so you know, I do think of this blog relatively often.

There's also three of us in this family, and only one computer, so there's that, as well.

Sorry, I know that this is newsy and boring, but in an FYI way, it explains a lot.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program...

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