Jan 23, 2017


Hello, my friends and readers, I am back. Forgive me, computer problems have sidelined my blog writing for the past few months, but now, armed with a new Chromebook, I will do my very best to get to you more often. 

I do have a tentative assignment right now, so that will have to take precedence for a bit, but do check back for new content regularly, and I will endeavor to try to provide... something.

I will say this today, however. 

My daughter turned 11 today. 11! How do I have an 11-year-old? I distinctly remember her first birthday party! Where has a decade gone? And what do I have to show for it (other than, you know, a well-adjusted 11 year old who's as smart as a freaking whip... and I don't mind saying, even wise in her childlike simplicity of perspective)

I've written about the day of her birth before, so I don't need to get into that again here, but I can say with no hesitation that along with the day I was married, this is the anniversary of one of the twin high points of my life. If you have children, you probably know what I mean. If you don't, I don't have the words to get across what I mean.

Peace out. See you soon.

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