Aug 17, 2017

Stratham Hill Finale

A little tip- if you've just finished a bike race in heat, and are sweating your guts out, you probably shouldn't go directly to the free beer. And if you do, sybe steer clear of the one with the higher alcohol content.

For that matter, you might want to finish- or start- your recovery drink first.

For the final race of the stratham hill series,  my goal was top 10. At this point, I have no idea how I placed. I'm writing this in the car on the way home.

My strategy tonight was a return to the first race. This may seem a little stupid, based on my assessment of that race, but my reasoning was that I couldn't go any faster than I did last week, but I could do my best at the start and not just give up all the positions without even making them pass me. In theory I could start at the back and just go "my pace" and pass anyone slower than me. But psychology and the actual trail play their own parts. This is why when you pass someone you usually never see them again. But it's true in reverse too.

Tonight I tried to resist this and catch the geared rider with the fanny pack who rode the hill I walked.  But I never could. To my credit, I did catch sight of him on the final downhill. But he was just too far ahead.

Tonight was, for most of the race, a ride by myself.

Which is what I like best anyway.

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