Much of my writing about bikes. Special posts & writing for others can be found below.

Jacquie Phelan Interview
I was honored to do an interview with a mountain bike legend for my blog .  Read the Nabokov book she recommends here and it is a real favorite now.

"Fixie" Dave Nice Interview
This fixed-gear mountain bike rider (thus the nickname) is trained as a gourmet chef, has worked as a whiskey distiller, and was set to ride the length of the Great Divide solo this spring until Greyhound lost his bike.  I interviewed him earlier in the spring.

 Kaiko Shimura Interview
A hipster mover-and-shaker in the Boston area for a good bit, Ms. Shimura finished law school and has recently moved to be near her parents in Japan.

Taliah Lempert Interview
This New York artist has become increasingly well-known for her bike portraits.  All the attention is deserved.  (also from the MTBB Blog)

...And perhaps my greatest publishing of all- for Dirt Rag Magazine, in all its glory.

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