Many of these articles are included in this section because the links give you only partial or extremely limited access to the text of the article.  Some only show citations.  Nevertheless, to get the fullest picture of my writing, you are welcome to check them out.

Clear Creek State Park Profile
This is where we used to go camping when I was a kid.  Only part of the article is viewable, as it is for sale through this service.  Nice small sample of my writing, though.

Cook Forest State Park Profile
After college, I was Chaplain at this and another State Park in PA.  As with the above, only part of this article can be read online without paying.  Still, it's worth the time.  Some good historical research.

Top Christmas Rock Songs
It sounds a little wacky, and I suppose it is, but I did manage the music department of a Borders Bookstore at one time, and I also held an FCC license as a DJ.  And I like the subtitle

Ebsco: "San Antonio"
If you follow this link and look under "Ebsco Resources", you will see that I have indeed written this article for them.  And if you have access to EbscoHost, you can even read it.  If you are in a public library, they may have a password.  I have not had access since the last day I wrote for them, so I cannot post a direct link to this article.

Ebsco:  "San Francisco"
Much like the last link, I have no access to the full article.  But follow the link and you can see that I did indeed write about the city for Ebsco.

The Big Quote
This article about a church I was a part of ran in both USA Today (to which the title is linked) and the Christian Science Monitor.  I have only one quote, but it's a pretty good one, and this is probably without a doubt the most read/heard words that I have ever uttered. 

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