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"The Birthday Present Dilemma"
My second article published by Rants From Mommyland.  This is about the tension between wanting to buy your daughter things and wanting to teach her less is more.

"We have exactly the same problem... I totally get it."
-"Nicole", commenter

"Oh, even yesser... Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone."
-"Squirrelgirl", commenter

"You just described my life exactly... Thanks for sharing."
-"Megan O.", commenter

"What a great post to get me thinking..."
-Cayley, from PotRoastOnPaperPlates

"Domestic Enemies of the Involved Dad"
I am often amused by what I read on Rants From Mommyland, so I was pretty psyched when they actually enjoyed the piece I sent them.  It concerns itself with the societal assumptions about fathers...

"This post is just awesome. Perfectly done.'I love when animals kill.' Just magic."

"This is awesome... Rob you are wonderful"
-"Kathleen", commenter

"You know when someone asks your husband if he's "babysitting" his own kids?  And you want to kick them in the taco?  Yeah, well this dad kicks waaaaay better.  And he uses his words..."
-Rants From Mommyland, introduction

Amy was so nice (see above note about my Mommyland post) that I asked if she wouldn't like me to write something for her.  She did, and I'm glad, because I feel like this got some things down on paper about my daughter's birth that I'd never fully processed before.  Happy with how this turned out.

"Love it! ...I wish there were more stories like this one -- mostly so I can share them with my husband."
-Emma, from EmmaInMommyland

"TEARS IN MY EYES!!! thank you for such a great post."