Jul 25, 2012

The Great Chipmunk Rescue

So the Pretender and I decided to go visit my mom's pool down south yesterday.

We swam for awhile and I needed to visit the (practically open-air) facilities.  Since people use this small restroom to change, the door is sometimes left open to facilitate the floor drying.

This time when I entered, I was in for a surprise.  I was in that sort of Chlorine daze that comes from swimming underwater with your eyes open.  The edges of my field of vision were pleasantly blurry.  And I saw something brown in the toilet.  Inside, I panicked just a little bit.

Then I saw that it was... moving?  For fractions of a second, my mind struggled to comprehend, until I realized that what I was seeing was a wet, and rather frantic, chipmunk.  It seems the little thing had seen fit to drink of the cool, clean water contained within (think about it- muddy stream or toilet water?  And you're a chipmunk...)  But he/she wasn't prepared for porcelain.  After it had slipped in, it certainly wasn't prepared for the utter hopelessness of claws on wet porcelain.

Luckily, I had come along.  But having been the proud owner of numerous hamsters (including one right now) I knew better than to grab a panicked rodent with my bare hands.  I found a chocolate milk drink box in the trash.

The chipmunk seemed to comprehend the plan quite quickly.  It grabbed onto the cardboard drink box, and I lifted him from his smooth white near-tomb.  On the floor he shivered with what I assume was a combination of cold water, lots of chipmunk adrenaline, and t exhaustion.  I wrapped him up in paper towels and carried him out to the warm sidewalk.  He didn't seem very wild as I carried him.  Perhaps because he was so tired- but I like to think because he knew I was a friend.

There it sat for about 10 minutes, warming up and regaining strength.  Then off it went.  I wish him or her well.

Does this mean I have a 'spirit animal' now?

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